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Custom Teas and Herbs for Making Kombucha Tea
Looking for the best teas for making kombucha beverage? Forget prepackage tea bags. To make the best KT beverage loose leaf tea works the best. All our teas are USDA certified organic with many being Fair Trade, too.

Try our custom blends for a change from traditional black tea. Our custom herbal blends are the same one's we use for our bottled kombucha production. Also, don't forget a tea ball for steeping the loose leaf tea (look under Tea Accessories section)

Happy Brewing !

Medicinal Berry Blend Herbal Tea, 4 oz/113g
Make your own custom herbal kombucha tea
$11.95, 4/$42.95
Kombucha Custom Blend Tea, Organic, 4oz/113gr
Our Custom Tea Blend for KT Brewing
$12.95, 2/$25.85, 4/$46.45
RED Dragon Blend Herbal Tea, 4 oz/113g
Make your own custom herbal kombucha tea
$10.95, 4/$39.45
South American Blend Herbal Tea, 4 oz/113g
Our South American Blend contains a herbal formulation of yerba mate, seeds, and roots from the rain forest.
$10.95, 4/$39.45
Ceylon Black Orange Pekoe, Organic, Fair-Traded,  4oz/113gr
Twice fermented Ceylon (Orange Pekoe) tea
$7.95, 2/$15.45, 4/$27.95
Dragon Well Green Tea - Lung Ching - Organic, 4oz/113gr
Our best green tea for kombucha brewing, contains high levels anti-oxidants!
$13.45, 2/$26.95, 4/$47.95
Yerba Matté Herbal Tea, Organic, 4oz/113g
Yerba Matté with honey makes a grat KT beverage
$5.75, 2/$11.50, 4/$20.65
Assam Black FOP Tea. Organic, Fair Trade, 4oz/113gr
Great for Kombucha Brewing...Assam is the quintessential black Indian tea. Rich and robust!
$6.85, 2/$13.70, 4/$24.45
Sencha Leaf Green Tea, Organic, 4oz/113gr
A Japanese green tea can be enjoyed all day long or for making kombucha tea.
$6.95, 2/$13.55, 4/$24.45
China Black Tea, Organic, 4 oz/113 gr
China Black Orange Pekoe Organic Tea from China
$6.45, 2/$12.95, 4/$23.45
Rose Hips Tea, organic, 4 oz 113 gr
Wonderful colour and fruity flavor!
$5.25, 2/$10.50, 4/$18.90
Min. Order is $9.95

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