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Kombucha pH Test Strips, 0-6 pH, 1 roll, Kombucha pH Testing
Kombucha pH Test Strips, 0-6 pH, 1 roll, Kombucha pH Testing
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Know exactly when your kombucha tea is ready to drink. Our pH test strips can remove the guesswork and tell you precisely when the kombucha tea is ready. No more guessing pH/acid content or wondering when the sugar content is low.

With a good pH reading, you'll know when the highest amounts of organic acids, enzymes, and pro-biotics are present. A quick test with a pH test strip, in a sample of the fermenting tea, will reveal the degree of acidity and provides a quick and easy method to ensure your kombucha tea has completed itís brewing cycle.

Important Note: Most pH strips being sold for kombucha use have a range from 1 - 14 pH. While these test strips will work, their range is generally broad and can make reading a narrower range, between 2 and 4 pH, less accurate because the wide color range. The pH strips for human urine or saliva testing will not work due to the wrong pH range (most are between 5 and 8 pH)

Our pH test strips are different in that they cover a narrower pH range. This in turn, gives you a more accurate reading in between the 0 - 6 pH range. Kombucha tea should be sampled when a new batch of tea is made, to ensure that enough starter tea has been added and that the pH is below 4.5 on the pH scale. Kombucha mushroom tea is ready to drink when the acid content is between 3.2 and 2.8 pH. If the tea is below 2.8 pH, then the tea is to acidic and should be diluted to the proper pH before consuming.

Each package contains a 15-foot roll of test paper and matching color coded chart. Provides for approximately 200 tests. Order this simple tool to take the guess work out of brewing your kombucha tea and to provide an extra step of safety to your brewing process.

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